• 909c was the code allowing to enter the agency’s first office in May 2010. It was changd in September 2010, but at that time we prefered not to change the company’s name in order to maintain our organic SEO...
  • 909c is the sum of the breast measurement of the 12 apostles.
  • 909c is the cell number in the Fresnes jail where Xavier decided to change his life from organizing dog fights, to eventually found a Social Media agency.
  • 909c(ents) is the company’s capital: it was a long shot!
  • 909c is a homage to the TR-909, the drum machine which allowed the Daft Punk to give birth to the Revolution 909 track.
  • 909c(entiliters) as the amount of vodka that had to be drank before deciding to dive into entrepreneurship in France.
  • 909c as the Doro telephone device which encouraged Bill Clinton to slum in.
  • 909c(m²) was the size of our first office, yes it’s the size of an A4 sheet of paper.
  • 9:09pm was when the fiest version of TheFacebook went online.
  • After all, wouldn’t there be 909 reasons to call 909c 909c
  • Because in roman figure it’s CMIX
  • Because we really really wanted to buy a PEUGEOT 909, a happyt mixture between a 404 and a 505, but in the end our account guys drive electric Smarts.
  • Because cats have 9 lives, and we’d like to have 9 lives as well (cats everywhere, it’s said to be good for SEO)
  • Because that very year 2 parents decided to name their child Æthelwold, and he will become a bishop, and in 2013, have his own Wikipedia page.
  • Because the meat in a double cheeseburger wheight 909 decigramms, and we do love double cheeseburgers.
  • Because (9 * 0 = 9)
  • Because we know the last decimals of PI are 909.
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    We are Social Graph Designers: our job is to create systems that stimulate the users’ engagement while building a trusting relationship with them. By doing so, they grant you their influence, which you can amplify in a smart way thanks to the social data you have gathered and through Facebook Media, these are among the most powerful performance levers.

    Your systems will be efficient and visible on the long term : impressions, clic rate & conversions.


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    A Social Design

    We take care of your projects
    and media campaigns, and we adapt
    to fit to your objectives, budget and deadline.

    Every project we build leans on Over-Graph, our Social CRM solution, to make the most of its performances in terms of analysis, hosting, reliability and cost. This solution is the fruit of 2 years of research, which allowed 909c to get the French JEI statute (Innovative Young Company).

    Over-Graph is also a Social-CRM solution, which can be especially efficient with your relationship with your prospects and clients on social media. Because with Over-Graph, you can work on various social channels at the same time and with a single view. Try Over-Graph now, it’s free and with no strings attached!


    Social Graph Designers since 2010

    In 2010, the 909c adventure begins when Dior entrusted to us its Social Media strategy and the creation of a Social CRM application. This project, with the creation of one of the first Community Management tools, Graph-o-Meter, allowed us to get the Facebook Prefered Developer Consultant certification.

    Christophe Decouland Creative Director Download business card

    In 2012 : 909c helps dozens of clients adress various issues : Consultancy, Brand Content, Community Management, Media Campaigns, or Apps production. Our motivations : social innovation and content must serve usability and emotion, and never lose sight of the brands’ objectives.

    Xavier Blouet-Kraimps CEO & Founder Download business card

    In 2013, 909c publishes Over-Graph, a multi-API Social CRM solution allowing to work on a large number of social chanels in a single view. In February 2013, the agency produces a Social Game for Just Cavalli, it generated +2 millions impressions.

    Baptiste Essig Managing Partner Download business card

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